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Take the Trek toward freedom with Dr. Rodin in devotional series.

First Steps to Freedom

Living ‘all-in’ for Jesus means being set free. The half-way life is the way of bondage. When we lived in Scotland our kids watched a show called ‘Thunderbirds.’ This league of  defenders of the universe were marionettes masterfully guided by professional puppeteers.  Their every move, even facial expressions were controlled by someone else. Being ‘all-in’ as followers of Christ is a calling to a vibrant, abundant, dynamic life.  It is the enemy who wants .

In Defiance of Half-Way Living

I am beginning 2012 with one defiant proclamation – I’m done, through and finished with living half-way.  I’ve been trying it for years, and I have come to the conclusion that as a Christian the half-way life sucks! Actually, for anyone, there is nothing satisfying, fulfilling or joyful about half-way.  Leaving half-way through a movie, going half-way to your vacation destination, completing half of your degree, climbing half-way up a mountain, being committed half-way to a project, .