ASLI Becoming a Steward Leader Full Course


  • A personal guidebook containing lesson material, personal testimonials by key African men and women in current leadership positions, and interactive personal application sections that help the participant create his or her own Steward Life Plan,
  • Three-and-a-half hours of video instruction (available in all three languages) broken down into eight lessons that cover the key themes of steward theology, and
  • A facilitator’s discussion guide that assists anyone in leading a small group through the course in a multiple week or intensive weekend training experience


This course is designed to help you to learn how to transform your leadership style from the world’s paradigm based on personal performance into a biblical paradigm of leadership based on stewardship. Becoming a steward leader, however, is not a quick or simple process. Because it involves a transformation of heart and mind that, in turn, affects every part of your being and every part of your life, it is truly a lifelong journey.


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