The Third Conversion


The Third Conversion is a call to ministry leaders, development professionals and every ministry supporter who cares about being a steward of what God has given us.  Written in an engaging, fictional style, The Third Conversion will challenge the conventional way we raise and give money for Christian work.

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The Third Conversion is a call to ministry leaders, development professionals and every ministry supporter who cares about being a steward of what God has given us.  Written in an engaging, fictional style, The Third Conversion will challenge the conventional way we raise and give money for Christian work.


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Every ministry leader, board member, and development staff needs to read this novel. This book will change your heart, change your mind, and change your methods for how resources are mobilized for your ministry and God’s work.
Brian Kluth, Bestselling author of 40 Day Journey to a Generous Life and Experience God as Your Provider
The Third Conversion uniquely captures the true meaning of fundraising as a ministry to the donor as well as the significance of seeking joy in giving by the donor. Scott Rodin challenges the reader by “sowing” in their minds, hearts, and souls, the significance of stewardship, integrity, excellence, and the Lord's rightful place in the relationship between the development professional, the organization, and the donor. I could not help but pause and deeply reflect upon the author's story-based approach to emphasizing, with a rich theological perspective, the importance of properly stewarding those relationships God has entrusted us with. A powerful book.
John Clause, Vice President—Development, World Vision, Inc.
Finally someone has given the Christian community a refreshing and entertaining narrative on biblical stewardship. I encourage you to put down that insipid fundraising manual and pick up Scott Rodin’s The Third Conversion. It’s a freeing fun read for board members, CEOs, development professionals, and even donors—one that’s filled with why-dos and how-tos regarding a philosophy of stewardship that can produce financial transactions as well as spiritual transformations.
John Ashmen, President, Association of Gospel Rescue Missions
Scott Rodin brings the joy of the ministry of stewardship for fund-raisers, those who supervise them, and the donors that make that calling possible, to life. Demonstrating his seasoned experience as a fundraising professional as well as his masterful ability to weave biblical truths and insights into meaningful real world stories, Scott inspires, convicts, cajoles, and equips the reader to embrace a model of Christ-centered stewardship that will transform those that embrace it.…Dr. Rodin reminds us that God's stewardship work, done God's stewardship way, will result in much more than funded projects and balanced budgets—it produces freed-indeed, joy-filled stewards.
Dr. David J., Gyertson Distinguished Professor of Leadership Formation and Renewal, Regent University
Scott Rodin’s vivid vignettes from the life of a fictional ministry fund-raiser deftly but compassionately slipped the dagger of Scripture’s two-edged sword right into my rib cage. His penetrating biblical critique calls us to repent and be converted when it comes to our tendency to substitute superficial sanctification of our fundraising principles and practices for radical commitment to steward ourselves and shepherd our ministry partners toward a lifestyle of richness toward God. Get ready to be uncomfortable.
Ralph E. Enlow Jr., President, Association for Biblical Higher Education
We intuitively know that generating revenue for God’s work is somehow different from fundraising as used in the broader non-profit context—but the difference has at times been hard to articulate. In The Third Conversion, Scott Rodin nails it! He brilliantly uses the genre of business fiction to explain what makes ministry fundraising different—and why it is real ministry, not just “ministry support.”
Gary Williams, Founder and National Director, Christian Management Australia
As effective as any textbook on raising support, as transforming as any verse-by-verse study of what the Bible says about raising money for ministry, this story of a fundraiser becoming a steward leader lays out the model for where raising support for ministry must go in the Christian community. Everyone in the ministry partnership—donors, workers, board members, executives—benefits from reading, reflecting on, and then implementing what they discover here.
Mark L. Vincent, Ph.D., CSP,
 Senior Design Partner and CEO, Design Group International
Read this book. It's both spiritually rich and easily readable. Rodin will warmly draw you in and guide you on a grace-filled journey of understanding the role Christian leaders must and must not play in the lives of people related to encouraging Christian generosity. Be open to what God may do in your life, too, because if you are, your leadership may never be the same.
Gary Hoag, Generosity Monk
The Third Conversion is a fun read that delivers a compelling message to all who are involved in resourcing God's Kingdom. The story models the importance of encouraging people to become rich toward God while trusting God for the provision of resources. It is a distinct message and one that will have dramatic impact on more of God's people experiencing the joy of giving.
Todd Harper, President, Generous Giving
Scott Rodin has blessed his readers again with this story of Carl and Walt’s journey from secular fundraising to true ministry and from bondage to freedom. The Third Conversion is a powerful picture of the role faith plays in fundraising—and life! May we all be the joyful, obedient, and faithful stewards God created us to be.
Brian Simmons, President Association of Christian Schools International